ACC Ranch Sheepadoodles

We are anxious to hear from our Sheepadoodle owners……..thanks

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  1. Lynne Goldmann says:

    We can’t thank Kathy enough for our new addition to the family. We have (Maisy) the pink collar female from the June 12, 2013 litter. She is so wonderful…we just love her! She turned 3 months old this past week and weighs almost 16 pounds. She is doing really well with ringing the bell to go out and take care of business and only occasionally has pee accidents inside (usually excited pees), we’re still vigilant about watching her though and letting her out frequently. She took to her crate really well for sleeping at night and some puppy naps during the day. :). She loves going on walks (about 4 a day!) and does well on the leash but pulls some, so we’re looking into getting a harness so we’re not pulling on her neck so much. Riding in the car is still an issue for her. For awhile she would throw up on every car ride and drool uncontrollably (a sign of anxiety). She is getting better with every ride, she still drools (unless she’s asleep in the car) But not throwing up anymore. She chews constantly right now, has abundant energy and is a lot of fun! We would love to know how her litter mates are doing and if any of them ended up staying in Colorado with Maisy. Kathy, could you post one of the pictures we sent you?

    Lynne 🙂Maisy the Sheepadoodle from ACC Ranch

  2. Cathy says:

    Our boy Forrest was just born this past April 8, 2013. He is awesome and attracts attention everywhere we go. He loves all people and wants to play with every dog he meets. He is goofy, clumsy, very intelligent and follows me everywhere. He was very easy to potty train but we used the bells right away. He sleeps in his crate and never really cried or whined. He had a long trip from Colorado to New York. He still stops mid gate when a plane flies over us in the sky and watches it for several seconds, it’s so odd to see. He plays hard for about an hour and crashes for two. He makes me smile everyday! I couldn’t be happier with our choice to enlarge our family with the help of Kathy at ACC Ranch. I also would love to thank Tammy for her short term care of Forrest and his safe travel to NY during some tough summer temperatures. She and her family treated him like one of their own and helped tremendously with his crate and potty training. He didn’t even have an accident during his 14 hour trip at 11 weeks old! Thank you both for our baby boy!

    • Tammy Wells says:

      Funny, Cooper our 1 3/4 old sheepadoodle from ACC does the same for airplaines, helicoptors. lol He has to stop and watch. I call him 10 pots of coffee. (way to much energy.)

  3. Jim and Tammy Wells says:

    We had our wonderous male arrive in Jan 2012. Bart and Zoey litter Nov, 21 2011. Cooper had his name before he landed in Montana. He was a huge hit at the airport. One of the oldies (elderly person) on the flight did not appreciate the noise on her flight. Way to go Coop! that is what I would have done. hahahaha. Cooper has been a tough one to potty train but easy to command train. He loves his squeeky balls and his star puzzle. When it is filled with treats. We are introducing him to the water which he had his first swim this last weekend. After that he was no longer afraid of the waves. Oh when the wind blows he loves to chase the leaves. He also loves to pester his brother Sterling (siberian husky.) The hubbie met someone who is on the wait list. Just so happends that we are in the Denver CO area for a bit and someone stopped on the road while Coop was out doing his business. They were excited to see how good looking the Sheepadoodle is. Thank you so much for putting your time into breeding these guys. Hope you are all safe from the fires.
    Jim and Tam _ Montana (currently Colorado)

  4. Michael And Christine-Southern California says:

    Hi everybody. We have a male from the Zodi and Bart November 21, 2011 litter. Our dog, “Wall-E” is doing great and we absolutely LOVE him. To the point I think we make those around us sick :-0

    Anyway, I realize my last post was way too long and in depth. I guess I was excited to hear from you all. Nobody responded so I will keep this short. WE WANT TO KNOW HOW WALL-E’S SIBLINGS ARE DOING!!! PLEASE WRITE ME! Would also love to know what weight everyone is at. Wall-E is 15 weeks old today and weighs about 21 pounds. He has had some digestion problems, have been to the vet several times but the vet said he is OK. Just really would like to know where the other littermates are at on their weight so we can guage him based on that. Please let us know.

    Thank you!!

    • Kristine Potter says:

      (see full image) – not sure if this pic was downloaded properly?

      Just realized…Wall-E& Wednesday (the name of our Sheepadoodle). What a great name for a movie. Glad to hear Wall_E is doing well. Wednesday continues to have some digestive problems (giardia) that seems now to be under control with some meds from the vet. Wednesday is from the Dec 4th liter, so just a couple of weeks younger than Wall-E. She was about 10 or 11 pounds when she first came home, the last time she went to the vet (a couple of weeks ago), she was 23 lbs. She looks like she is 3x the size she was in my original post — but likely because her hair is getting so long.

      We are having so much fun with Wednesday. She is training well, and just graduated from Puppy Manners class. She likes to chew — on everything. Getting better in her crate, but still not completely (one or two accidents a day) pee pee trained. Would love to know how Wall-E is doing.

    • Jim and Tammy Wells says:

      hello we have a litter mate. Cooper. he is roughly 52 lbs by now. Doing great.

  5. ACC Ranch says:

    OH GOLLY, sounds like you are not getting any sleep. Are you putting her in her kennel during the day at all? When she is in her kennel (make certain she has been out to do her business first) during the day, if she has a tantrum, DO NOT take her out, NO eye contact, until she is quiet, then, the minute she is quiet, take her out…..that way you are rewarding the behavior you want, rather than the negative behavior………….thanks for the pics!

  6. ACC Ranch says:

    AWWWWWW!!!! Hey, is anyone out there famiiiar with Word Press? Trying to get these comments to post in reverse order (most recent comments first…..Thanks and keep those pics and comments coming!!!

    • Kristine Chiorando says:

      Wednesday, the ACC Ranch SheepadoodleWednesday, Duke’s sister, has been with us now for a week and one day. My son, Quin was showing his father Duke’s picture and your post. Wednesday came running up to the computer, instantly sat and stared at Duke’s picture. I, unfortunately missed this, but was told it was absolutely adorable. Wednesday is adjusting well, she too is so sweet, gentle, loving and has a wonderful temperament. She is extremely loyal, follows us everywhere and the moment we stop she sits at our feet and stares at us with her adorable puppy eyes. She prances like a princess and carries her tail curved in the air, like a spitz dog.

      She is not quite potty trained, she reserves her outside potty for pooping and still prefers to pee (half the time) inside. Are you crate-training Duke? We are trying with Wednesday but, oh boy, she has a temper tantrum just about every time we put her in her crate. Including just about 7 out of the 8 hours per night she is in her crate. Any suggestions?

      Would love the here about Wednesday and Duke’s other brothers and sisters.

      Kathy, will email you a few pics if you don’t mind posting!

      • ACC Ranch says:

        OH GOLLY, sounds like you are not getting any sleep. Are you putting her in her kennel during the day at all? When she is in her kennel (make certain she has been out to do her business first) during the day, if she has a tantrum, DO NOT take her out, NO eye contact, until she is quiet, then, the minute she is quiet, take her out…..that way you are rewarding the behavior you want, rather than the negative behavior………….thanks for the pics!

      • ACC Ranch says:

        For now just send them to me, haven’t figured that out yet……. THANKS

      • Amy borelli says:

        Wednesday is adorable!!! It sounds like you we are having the same issues with respect to potty training. Duke poops outside but is still peeing inside on occasion. One suggestion I have with the potty training is a bell hung on the door. Now that he has learned to ring it he is doing it all the time so he is going out on his own a lot more often. As far as the crate training we have lucked out with Duke. He doesn’t seem to mind going in and is sleeping at night for about 7 hours. We have a wire crate and he seems to like it when we cover it with a sheet and make it really dark. Having said this, our last dog struggled with the crate and I must admit we finally gave up. I see so much of Duke in Wednesday and I love seeing the pictures. Are you in Colorado? It would be neat to get them together.

    • Paul D. says:

      Kathy, in the Dashboard, go to Setting–>Discussion. There should be a check box with a dropdown menue for how the comments display. Change from “Older” to “Newer.”

      Ain’t WordPress the best?


      PS – Allowing us to add photos is a bit more complicated. Let me do a little research. You may need to set up a special page of the site for this.

  7. Amy Borelli says:

    Duke the Sheepadoodle from ACC RanchOur handsome Duke recently joined our family and we couldn’t be happier. He is from Mai Tai and Bart’s December 2012 litter. He is an absolute angel! He has a very mild temperament and is amazing with the kids. He is so smart and is always anxious to please. He already know several commands and although he has not mastered potty training we are making progress. 🙂 This is our second dog from ACC Ranch and we simply cannot say enough great things about Kathy (and Rick). Thank you for our Duke, he is truly loved.

    Chip and Amy Borelli

    • Michael And Christine-Southern California says:

      Hi Chip and Amy! Duke is so cool! Was he at the grammys? Looks like this is his red carpet shot 😉 He was first on our list to pick but of course he was the first to go! Glad to see you guys got him 🙂 We are of course irreversibly happy with our Wall-E and absolutely LOVE him!

      I am really curious, what is Dukes age and weight right now?

      Anyway, take care.

      • amy says:

        Michael and Christine,

        So funny, Wall-E was our next choice after Duke. He was SO SO sweet when we went out to see all the puppies. We wish you lived here so we could get the boys together. Anyway, we too have had some problems with Duke and his digestion and plumbing. He was on some medication because of diarrhea after we got him which seemed to really help with the loose stools. Then, we were concerned because he was peeing every 5 minutes and was having a lot of accidents in the house. Turns out he had a bladder infection which is currently being treated with antibiotics. He is doing much better now. Duke was born December 5th and weights 24 lbs. We would love to continue to hear how Wall-E is doing so please keep us posted and we will do the same.

        Chip and Amy

    • Michael says:

      Hi Amy, how is Duke doing? Has he has his first grooming yet? We are going to take Wall-e in very soon for his first haircut. We haven’t seen his adorable eyes for two months! I can tell now that he is 6 months old that his coat is “very” thick and will have to be cut way down for the summer heat. And he has had some skin issues too. itchy, Rashy stomach, chest and armpits. We took him off Royal Cannin and now he eats a food by “Orejen” which uses nothing but fish and free range chickens and so forth. Thought maybe he had an allergy to the grains but now we are thinking it is either the grass or flea allergy. Hoping it is flea allergy so we can get it under control once his hair is cut back. CA has a bad flea problem.

      Anyway, How is Duke doing???? We are SO curious about the other pups and how they are doing. Wall-e has been an absolute joy for us. He goes to work with me every day and he just goes with the flow. He is soooo sweet and the most mellow dog and we LOVE him.

      Hey, how much did Duke weigh at the 6 month mark? Wall-e weighed in right at about 50lbs.

      • amy borelli says:

        Michael, just now saw this email. I hope you still check the site periodically. The boys are coming up on their one year birthday. Duke is AWESOME! He weighs about 85 lbs. We cut his hair down to avoid serious matting. He is super mellow and very sweet. We are feeding him just salmon and sweet potato food because he had some stomach issues and we were concerned he may have an allergy to meat. Stomach is much better now. Duke is all grey now, what about Wall-e?

      • Michael says:

        Hi Amy!!!! Thank you so much for the reply! Great to hear about Duke too!!! Hey, I’m not sure if these messages are getting through, mine was chopped off? Can you email me? I’ll send you a pic of Wall-e. Mrhupka@yahoo. Com

      • Jackie says:

        Hey, I’m just happy to see someone commenting on this page:) Would love to see pics of all of your dogs! Our Bella turned two at the end of October:)

      • Tammy says:

        We have a male from the Bart and Zoey litter Nov,21 2011. He is extreemly high energy.
        We love him. I just wish I could bottle and use some of his energy.
        Anyone else out inthe south denver co area?
        Tammy and Jim Wells

  8. kathy and Joe Nusbaum says:

    Fiona joined us in January and she also is a Zodi/Bart baby and what a doll she is!
    She is in constant motion and keeps us laughing and our other dog, a 3 year old wheaten terrier busy! She sits, stays, shakes and lays down now, and she is my husband’s constant companion at work. She sleeps in her kennel at night and is learning to use bells to go outside, she is extremely bright and oh so adorable. She weighed 10.9 at her 10 week checkup and is growing like a weed. Shge loves carrots and treats, and will do anything for a liver treat! Can’t wait until the weather clears up and it gets warm so we can play outside, she is learning to bring back the tennis ball already.
    What a blessing she is and how lucky that we found ACC Ranch. I would love to have a dozen more.
    Kathy from MD

  9. Michael & Christine says:

    Hi everybody! We got our male sheepadoodle from the November 21st, 2011 Zodi and Bart litter. I have been a dog lover my entire life, have always been fascinated by all sorts of breeds. Now I am absolutely SOLD on Sheepadoodles. The intelligence of the Standard Poodle with the gentle playfulness and charm of an OE Sheepdog.

    I know this is going to sound like an advertisement but I have to tell you, I am 41 and I have had severe animal dander allergies my entire life, runny nose, scrathy throat and terrible itchy-watery eyes. Torchure for someone who loves animals so much. But now, for the first time I can press my face into a dogs fur and smell them! I know that sounds weird, but if you suffer from allergies but love animals, then you know what I mean.

    This is the most incredible dog, we are so very lucky. He is 10 weeks and 3 days old today. He was a little slow at putting on weight his first 5 days of adjustment after flying to Southern CA, but he is now very well adjusted and weighs in at 10lbs right now. He has averaged 1/2 pound of weight gain per day for the last week straight. His legs are getting longer and harder to hold him. His personality is just so very sweet. He has been in puppy school now and Im telling you, these sheepadoodles are the “classic puppy”. Most of the other dogs in the class seem to be all about dominance. Maybe our dog is a little young yet but we feel he is a classic little puppy(attributed to this cross breed) In class has his front paws straight out, chin flat on the ground with his rear end straight up in the air as high as it could go and with his little tail wagging like crazy. SOOO cute.

    We would LOVE to hear from all of you. ESPECIALLY if you share the same Zodi-Bart Nov 21, 2011 littermate. Our little guy was one of the first to leave the litter and he cried for his litter mates the first several nights. We would really like to hear how his siblings are progressing, weight gain, health, behavior etc. PLEASE EMAIL ME!

    Thanks Kathy at ACC Ranch. You really are a great breeder. So happy, thank you!

    Michael & Christine Hupka
    Southern California

  10. ACC Ranch says:

    Mark, that is a tad strange…..even my Old English Sheepdogs are generally white….
    who said it is the natural body PH? did you get your puppy from ACC Ranch?

  11. mark says:

    We have a sheepadoodle, and he has the stereo typical sheepdog markings…which means his beard/muzzle is white. Well, it’s supposed to be white only it is always stained brown. I thought it might be from the dyes in his food, but then I was told that it is just from his natural body pH. I noticed this blog and realized that all the dogs here seem to have beautiful white beards! Any advice?

  12. Jo says:

    I’m a Sheep-a-doodle Momma wanna be! Looking to find a new baby to bring into our home. If you have advice, please let me know.

  13. ACC Ranch says:

    ACC Ranch Sheepadoodlemore pics…Looks like Royalty!

    • Carolwhitehead says:

      This dog is beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
      I’am in texas and I want one.!!!!!!!!:)
      I’am a kid and i’am with my grandma

  14. ACC Ranch says:

    ACC Ranch SHeepadoodleSome new pics of Zoey with our 15 month old son, Benjamin. Zoey was born May 2008 (Charity and Payton pup).
    ACC Ranch Sheepadoodle


  15. ACC Ranch says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Breeder!! I have already purchased two puppies from her and couldn’t be more happy!! They are so loving and beautiful! If I could have more dogs without getting divorced….ACC Ranch would be my first and only choice:) Thank you so much for the wonderful job you do in raising these puppies! We love them!!!! Christie from Denver

  16. ACC Ranch says:

    Hi Kathy,

    I just wanted to let you know how Marina is doing. She will be 3 years old on March 18th and she Is a very healthy, happy puppy and a big part of our family. We just love her! Marina is truly the best dog!

    Thank You Kathy

    Frank & Joyce
    Old Saybrook, Ct

    Sheepadoodle from ACC Ranch

  17. Margie Chilson says:

    BANDITHappy New Year! We received the light blue collar male from Zodi’s litter on Christmas Eve and named him Bandit (because he looks like a rascal with his black “mask” covering his eyes). We’re happy to say he has fully embraced his name! We are in the thick of crate training which is going slowly and plan on enrolling him in puppy training in the next few weeks. Bandit is a mischievous happy puppy who likes to play tug of war with toys with our kids and chase our 3 year old daughter around the house. He has definitely shown some sheepdog characteristics already like trying to herd my daughter in toward us when we go for walks and also hiding/sleeping under chairs and even our ottoman (that won’t last for very long because he’s getting bigger every day!). We love our little Bandit and agree with Jackie and would love to hear updates from new Sheepadoodle parents. We’ll send Kathy a picture of Bandit to post.

    • Jackie Doll says:

      So glad to see another response!! Our little Bella has that herding instinct also. She loves chasing my son around the yard nipping at his pants legs:), so we are currently working on stopping that, she’s slowly getting better. We started training, and she’s learned sit, down, stand and she’s slowly getting stay. We also just started leash training, which I’m looking forward to. So how is potty training going for you? Bella is doing better, but we are still watching her like a hawk, looking forward to that time when we can just relax and not worry about her peeing in the floor:) But we are all having fun and my son of course is just in love!

  18. ACC Ranch says:

    HEY ALL! I can’t figure out a way that you can post your own pictures, so if you want to email them to me I will get them on this blog……..HAPPY NEW YEAR!
    email to me at:

  19. Jackie says:

    Jackie's Sheepadoodle Puppy from ACC Ranch

    I was just hoping to get some comments going and wanted to see how everyone was doing with their pups. We named ours Bella and we are all adjusting pretty good. This is a first time puppy for us and man are we tired:) but we are enjoying her. Was really interested in hearing from everyone.

  20. Jackie Doll says:

    We just received Mai Tai’s Lt. Blue female. She is even more beautiful than we had hoped. She arrived safe, sound, and only a little nervous. She played in the yard with our son and they both had a blast. We will be having our first vet visit in the morning and will begin training soon.
    Kathy has been awesome and soooo helpful. We will being updating again soon. We are so excited and have to share.

  21. Krista says:

    We got a sheepadoodle from Zodi and Bart’s March litter. Ellie is such a wonderful puppy, at 8 months she is a bundle of energy and makes us laugh every day! She has such a personality–she has learned how to sit and lay down, is fully potty trained (we trained her to use a bell to let us know when she needs to go out, however she often times rings it when she wants to play!) however we are still working on “come” and “heel”…she loves her walks and has recently started noticing bunnies, deer and birds. She loves bringing her toys with us with the hopes that we can play some fetch or tug and she loves to constantly be under our feet! She makes us so happy-I actually have a hard time leaving for work sometimes because I just want to stay home and play with Ellie 🙂 Thanks for such wonderful puppies Kathy!

  22. Jennifer Banker says:

    Our 16 month old Sheepadoodle, Koda, from ACC RANCH is amazing! I would recommend this breed to anyone who wants a family friendly and very smart dog. He does get bored easily so we have to keep him mentally stimulated by playing games and training. He is a medical alert service dog for our 14 year old son. Koda loves to have a job to do and takes pride in knowing he is helping to keep “his boy” safe.

  23. accranch says:

    Sandi, we just started this blog, so thanks for the post and hopefully we will hear from ACC Ranch’s Sheepadoodle owners soon. Haven’t figured out yet how to let them post pictures, but will keep working on that. Again, thanks and make it a great day!

  24. I so glad that you have started this blog! I’m interested in adding a Sheepadoodle to my furry family in the future and would love to see pictures and hear stories from current owners.

    • Joy from Tucson says:

      My husband and I are the new owners of a sheepadoodle puppy born Aug. 13th from the ACC Ranch litter of Sasha and Bart. Cody is absolutely delightful, smart, outgoing, absolutely loves people and we are so thrilled to have him in our lives. He is loaded with personality and already at 3 months knows how to sit, come, and the potty training is almost there. I would love to hear from other parents from this litter and as soon as we are able to post pictures I will put some up of Cody. I think a sheepadoodle puppy would be a great addition to any home.

      • Joy,

        Cody’s sister, our little Movida, is from the 8/13 group. She’s getting sooo big. 56 pounds last week. She’s still learning manners, but she is just so…balanced is the word I think I want. Calm yet playful. Kinda like the perfect meld of her mom and dad. Cuddly and energetic. EVERYONE comments on what a “cool” dog she is.

        She got her first haircut last month and I joke that we cut her cute off, but it’s coming back surprisingly fast. At least she’s cool now. Her undercoat has gone gray, but her top coat is still black.

        All the best,

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